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  1. Britta
    December 13, 2013
    Hi Stacey...wow...another awesome post so short before you leave. I can understand you really well. I am working in a hospital and see all kinds of emergencies and severe illnesses- so you are always in panic when someone gets ill in your family. Benas seems to be like my husband...they have a "male logic" in these things ;-). I think the truth is somewhere in between. I am also a big friend of antibiotics, but at work I found out the more and more often you take them, the less they work. And our health is the most precious thing we`ve got ! Even I have no kids until now I can understand you so well when you described how you felt when your son was ill. It must be horrible. The crazy thing is: my grandpa who lived togehter with my family in one house went very old, and he always knew some tricks. He believed his doctors in most things- but sometimes he just went in the garden...and came back with miracles. I played handball for a long time, and just guess what helped me when I had a sprained foot ? Yes...potatoes !!! He also made a juice from onions and sugar against cough. And he told me to drink fresh ginger with hot water when you feel like getting a cold...always helps. So I now try to mix more and more. Sometimes you have to take antibiotics- no question about that. But sometimes- family miracles ! And it`s so good to have somebody who can understand me that I always travel with cleaning wipes, antiseptic spray etc. ;-) thank you for that ! And have a wonderful and healthy holiday ! (btw.- that`s no joke- hot wine always helps me when no ginger is near...) Can`t wait until the next wonderful post...it`s always like finding the new issue of your favourite magazine...jippiiieeeeh !


    • basketslife
      December 13, 2013
      Thank you again for reading! I always appreciate your comments! Yes, It really does work ~ Have a wonderful Holiday see you soon! Stacey ~


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