A Weekend in Amsterdam

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Hey there! Our current home base, Bonn, Germany, is pretty much the center of all of Europe. Being in the center gives us the opportunity to travel and see so many amazing places!

We will often take off for the weekend and go somewhere new and fun! Today, I am going to tell you about our weekend in Amsterdam – and oh, it was a lot of fun! We only spent one weekend there, so I am sure there are a lot of other things to do, but this is what we did in two days!


  • Day 1
  • Check in – get a map
  • Dinner and a boat ride
  • Red Light District, coffee shops, and cheese shops
  • Late night stroll through old town
  • Day 2
  • Anne Frank’s House
  • Lunch in Chinatown
  • Stop at Starbucks
  • Walk past the palace, train station, and the main canals
  • Dinner and a comedy show (in English)
  • Vodka shots at the ice bar
  • Day 3
  • The Heineken experience
  • What to take home
  • See ya later, Amsterdam

First, finding a place to stay! I am a huge advocate for having a flat where we can have breakfast and coffee in our pajamas to start our day. So, I found a great little flat, directly in the center of the city, walking distance to everywhere! The flat we stayed in was right on one of the canals on Singel Street; the owner lived on the site and was very helpful during our stay! The apartments are called Amsterdam Jewel Canal. We stayed in his Pearl Apartment, and it was so cute, right on the canal, and just the perfect place for the two of us! (We left the kids at home this weekend. Yippee!)

2 days in Amsterdam

If you want to book his flat, you can go here – Booking.com. The owner was very helpful and sent us emails and directions! The stairs are very, very steep, so if you have a problem climbing stairs, this building is not for you; however, there are nice, comfy beds, a great view, and easy access to everything; we never drove our car anywhere! He has parking on site, but it is quite expensive, or you can park at the many city parking lots for minimal fees each day and walk/tram back into the city! Easy peasy!

You know me – I already have everything planned and timed, tickets bought and reserved, so I don’t have to guess or wait in line for anything! First stop tonight was dinner – it’s a Friday night and everything is most likely packed! I booked a dinner boat ride so we could see Amsterdam at night and eat some good food along the way! It was late afternoon when we arrived, so the sun was setting and the whole city was coming to life! The nice man who owns the flat owns a dinner boat, too; however, it was booked when we went so we took another one (book in advance.)

The name of the boat tour we took was Lovers Company; the boat was very nice and the food was surprisingly great! We also had all-you-can-drink beer and wine that was included in the price! The cruise was two hours (with dinner and commentary.) The website is linked below – we took the one called “dinner cruise.” We reserved our tickets online and printed them from home so we were ready to go when we got there.

After dinner and the boat ride, we decided to take a walk and see the streets of Amsterdam; and, of course, when in Amsterdam you have to see the Red Light District and… yes, a sex show! I think it is a must, just to say you have been there! My hubby was super excited! I surprised him with tickets to a midnight sex show, but listen, I have to tell you – these are not really that great and the performers look miserable and bored. We went to one of the oldest and most women-friendly sex shows in Amsterdam called the Casa Rosso. I booked our tickets online and got directions before we left home. The address is Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106-108, and it is right in the middle of everything. If you get lost, anyone can point you in the right direction! You can read about it and book your tickets here – http://www.casarosso.nl/. Get yourself a drink, take a seat, and enjoy! Come on, it’s Amsterdam!

After the show, we walked back through the Red Light District with its glass windows and women waving at you. It could have been all that walking past the many coffee shops that gave us the munchies, but my husband is a professional athlete so we did not partake in the coffee shops; however, if that is your “cup of coffee” you will not be disappointed. They are on every corner!

There is a new law in Amsterdam – in order to smoke weed, legally, you must be a resident, but I am not sure how many shops really check or care! We kept on walking to the cheese store. If you ask me, there is no better cheese than igourmet Old Amsterdam. I was in heaven!

Whew! Wine, boat, wine, dinner, sex show, more wine, coffee shops, and the cheese store with some wine – time to hit the sack! We have another big day ahead of us – the Anne Frank House, walking tours, Starbucks, a comedy show, and the ice bar. Check out our day 2 in Amsterdam for more fun things to do and how to get there!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy our crazy Baskets Life!


– Stacey

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  • Reply November 27, 2013

    Britta & Rolf

    …sounds like awesome fun.we are planning to make a trip to amsterdam with the girls from work next year…now we know where to go 😉 thanks for sharing !!!

    • Reply November 27, 2013


      Your very welcome, watch for the next 2 blogs for day 2 and 3! Cheers! Stacey ~

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