The 5 Most Haunted Castles in Europe

Moosham Castle photo provided by Renedrivers from Wikimedia Commons

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You know our family has a thing for castles, and while we love fairies and princesses, we have a dark side, too. Join us as we explore five of the scariest, haunted castles in Europe. You may want to keep a light on. Muwahahahaha!

Since we couldn’t decide which of these haunted castles is the scariest, we are leaving it to you! After reading this entry, please leave a comment and share which of these haunted castles you think is most frightening. Would you spend a night in one of these haunted castles? We dare you!

Moosham Castle – Unternberg, Austria

Moosham Castle photo provided by Renedrivers from Wikimedia Commons

Photo provided by Renedrivers from Wikimedia Commons

Built in the 13th century, this castle is also known as Witches Castle.  Moosham Castle was the location of the bloodiest, most gruesome witch trials in all of Europe.  In the 17th century, the archbishop of Unternberg tried, tortured, and executed thousands of women for being witches. The women accused of being witches were beaten, tortured, hanged, and some even torn in half – ripped apart between two horses. Many of these tortured women still roam the halls of the castle today, waiting to get justice.

Today, the castle is a haunted museum; many of the rooms are in their original state. Anton, the resident caretaker during the witch trials, is still seen wandering the castle halls. Often, women and children see him sitting in the castle, watching over the prisoners. Inside the castle many people feel a presence, feel watched, touched, see doors opening and closing on their own, and notice multiple apparitions appear and disappear right in front of their eyes. Often, in the morning when the staff comes in to open up the museum, all the guns hanging in the hunting room will be hanging upside down on the wall rack. Scaryyyy! 

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5 Most Haunted Castles in Europe.

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