An Incredible and Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by today! After living in Italy for a year, we learned a thing or two about amazing Italian food. Tiramisu is an Italian staple, and every Italian mamma has a family recipe. I just had to have an authentic tiramisu recipe from Italy!

Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

This tiramisu recipe is my go-to, quick, easy, and delicious recipe for any occasion. This recipe actually comes from a friend of mine and her family near Avellino, Italy, who had invited our family to their home for lunch one afternoon.

Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

When I tasted her authentic tiramisu, I wanted to rub it on my face and bathe in it! Dramatics aside, it was that scrumptious! If a “foodgasm” is even possible, this tiramisu is it! Mamma Mia, this is good!

I begged and begged her for this recipe, and she kindly agreed to share; so, here it is!

I usually make a large pan of the tiramisu, and it is typically gone by the end of the day. We show this dessert no mercy.

Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

Tiramisu means “pick-me-up” in Italian. Although the origins of this dessert are still disputed to this day, whether it was made in Treviso or Veneto, the recipe is a true Italian gem. The story goes that tiramisu was designed to help the Italians, during midday, get through the end of the work day. It was also served as a pick-me-up for the kids to eat before delving into their homework.

Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

You need a good cup of espresso for this to be authentic. I have a small espresso machine that I love. I don’t go anywhere without it! I bought mine in Italy, but you can pick up the same one online here – De’Longhi NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto

Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

Also, any authentic tiramisu recipe from Italy does not call for  cream – the filling is made with mascarpone cheese.

Although the original recipe from Italy does not include liquor, you are welcome to add it. You can add a shot of Marsala wine, Tia Maria, Kahlua, rum, or amaretto into the espresso. They all work well.

You can half the recipe if you don’t have a house full of hungry kids and a hungry hubby. I normally have them all standing in the kitchen, waiting for it to be finished, with drool running down their chins. They eat it faster than I can make it!

Authentic Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

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30 minTotal Time

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  • - 5C/1250 grams of Mascarpone
  • - 5 eggs separated (yolks only)
  • - 1 pound Savoiardi Ladyfingers
  • - 2 cups espresso, brewed and cooled. Instant is fine. Caffe D'Vita Imported Instant Espresso
  • - 5 tbsp white sugar C&H Sugar
  • - 4 tbsp Ghirardelli Unsweetened Cocoa


  1. Make the espresso and set aside to let cool.
  2. Separate the eggs, and add only the yolk to a mixing bowl.
  3. Add the sugar to the mixing bowl, and mix the eggs and sugar by hand until the sugar is dissolved.
  4. Do not whip the eggs; you are not trying to get volume, only dissolve the sugar.
  5. Add in your mascarpone. Sometimes, it is easier to mix, little by little, due to the density of the mascarpone.
  6. Mix until you have all the mascarpone and egg mixture combined. You want the cream to be a light yellow color but not runny. If you over mix, the cream will become runny.
  7. Take out your ladyfingers, and get your dish ready. I use a Pyrex 3 Quart Baking Dish... and yes, my family eats the whole pan!
  8. If you want to use Kahlua, or any other liquor, add one shot glass to the cooled espresso (more or less depending on your taste.) Although I'm a huge Kahlua fan, I normally make this recipe without it. A great alternative is Kahlua flavoring so you get the taste without the liquor (for the kids.) We use Natural Liquor Essence (Expresso (Kahlua))
  9. Dip your ladyfingers, three at a time, into the espresso. You want them soft, and full of espresso, but not falling apart. I usually do a slow eight count while submerging them in the coffee.
  10. Lay them into your dish, snuggled up next to each other, in row. Fill the entire pan with a layer of ladyfingers.
  11. Add half of the mascarpone mixture on top of the ladyfingers, smoothing it out to make an even layer. Don't press, or put too much pressure on the mascarpone, or you will break apart the ladyfingers.
  12. Repeat the ladyfinger layer, and then add another layer of mascarpone on top.
  13. Once you have two layers, sprinkle cocoa powder on top. Cover in plastic wrap, and set in the fridge for at least four hours.

Voila! How freaking easy was that? The longer it sits the better it tastes! I let it sit overnight, so wait, wait, wait!

Now dig in and enjoy this amazing and 100% authentic tiramisu recipe from Italy, straight out of an Italian family’s kitchen. Are you a foodie who is going to visit Rome? If so you can’t miss the best food tour Rome has to offer – The Trastevere Food Tour! This is the best food tour we have even taken. Click on the blue link to see prices, and times. 

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Do you have an amazing recipe you found on your travels? If so, we would love to hear about it! Drop a comment below, and tell us all about it.


– Stacey


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  • Reply July 26, 2019


    Hi, how long would this last in the fridge? Having a dinner party this Sunday and wanted to make it Friday ahead of time.
    • Reply July 26, 2019


      It actually improves after a day in the fridge - so for sure you can make it ahead of time just keep it cold.
  • Reply November 22, 2018


    I was wondering if I am using fresh lady fingers if I need to adjust the amount of espresso? It seemed to soak up a lot of it so I doubled the liquid. Hoping it tastes good:)
    • Reply July 26, 2019


      Yes fresh lady fingers as opposed to the hard cookie type take up more liquid and you need more espresso. :)
  • Reply September 26, 2018


    HI, do the egg yolks and sugar cook in a double boiler ?
    • Reply October 8, 2018


      You can cook them in a double boiler, this recipe does not cook the eggs and sugar.
  • Reply July 30, 2018


    Hey, I've made this recipe twice now and can't seem to get it right. While it tastes great I have ended up with runny mascarpone both times, seriously I think if I stir any less I won't have mixed the egg yolks through at all! Also is the sugar meant to completely dissolve in the egg as in no sugar granules left? Please help, I love tiramisu and want to get it right!
    • Reply August 17, 2018


      Hi Eliza, for the sugar question it is not necessary for the sugar to completely dissolve in the eggs. AS for the mascarpone being runny, verify that you are using room temperature mascarpone, but not to warm if that makes any sense .. if it is too warm it will get runny ... if you are having trouble try even still chilled mascarpone just out of the fridge it will be harder to mix but should solve the runny.. Again don't mix to much just fold in the eggs and then pop back in the fridge to set up. Let me know how it goes.
  • Reply June 22, 2018


    Hi! Is this recipe really only 68 calories per serving? And how big are the servings? Thanks!
  • Reply January 31, 2018


    Does the recipe use a 13x9 pan? You say it feeds 4 but all of the ladyfingers laid out looks like a 13x9 in. pan. not a 8x8 or 9x9. Thanks!
    • Reply January 31, 2018


      Yes Joanne it's a 13*9 inch! Thanks for reading
    • Reply January 31, 2018


      Yes Joanne it's a 13 * 9 inch pan! Thanks for reading!
  • Reply January 12, 2018

    Zoltan Toth

    Hi, sounds just like how I make it though I have one suggestion: put the cocoa powder on top before serving so it doesnt get discoloured in the fridge ;)
    • Reply January 14, 2018


      Great idea! : )
  • Reply November 27, 2017

    mirella miele

    Hi How many people will this recipe serve?
    • Reply November 28, 2017


      In my house it only serves 4 LOL but it actually makes quite a large pan of tiramisu depending on size probably 12-15 pieces of tiramisu.
  • Reply October 26, 2017


    I'm going to make this for a dinner we are going to Saturday night (but will make it Friday afternoon). This looks so delicious I'm so excited to try this recipe. I have found the thought of making Tiramisu so intimidating. The house we are going to, his Grandmother was Italian and made Tiramisu all the time. I'm so freaked out that it wont be even a 1/4 what hers was LOL But all joking aside, this seems to be the most straight forward easy recipe I have found in my search to make. Thank you for sharing it with us!! :) :)
    • Reply October 29, 2017


      Kim - Good luck and let me know how it turns out! This is the real deal from Italy I bet she will be impressed!
  • Reply October 21, 2017

    Yacon Root

    I love this site. It's an great article.
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  • Reply June 19, 2017

    Carmen Edelson

    My mouth is watering! Tiramisu is one of my FAVORITE desserts! Thanks for sharing :) Carmen Edelson recently posted...Bucharest, Romania: More Than Meets The EyeMy Profile
  • Reply June 18, 2017

    Danielle Desir

    This looks delicious? Heading to Rome this summer, wondering if I'll find it at a pastry shop? Danielle Desir recently posted...Monticello Wine Trail: A Day Trip From Richmond, VirginiaMy Profile
    • Reply June 18, 2017


      Hi Yes you will find it all over Rome in many shops and restaurants. :) Enjoy Rome!
  • Reply June 6, 2017


    I come from an Italian family so of course I love tiramisu (I prefer it without the alcohol). I've never made it, though. Perhaps I'll have to give this recipe a try!
  • Reply June 6, 2017

    Carol Colborn

    Tiramisu is my husband's favorite dessert and he says there are so many in restaurants that are not authentic and good. I gotta try this! Looks just right!
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  • Reply February 6, 2017


    I love tiramisu!! It is so easy to digest and incredibly tasty! Can't wait to try out your recipe. Thank you!
  • I love tiramisu. But does it taste eggy? Assuming not as it sounds and looks so delicious.
    • Reply January 29, 2017


      No this is the recipe used by many Italians and was given to me by a wonderful cook in Italy that was handed down from her family. You don't even know the egg is in there. :)
  • My husband loves Tiramisu and an Italian colleague gave me her authentic recipe to try, I just haven't got round to it. Your version looks epic. I just wish this post came with lick-a-vision!
    • Reply January 29, 2017


      Hahah I like that a lick it version - seriously I bet the recipes are similar as this came from a wonderful Italian Family as well.
  • Reply January 25, 2017


    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I've been curious about how difficult it would be to make Tiramisu. I printed it out and will try it soon!
    • Reply January 25, 2017


      HI Denise I am so glad you are going to try it! It is so easy to make, the key is not to whip the cream to much just enough to make a custard! I hope you drop back by and let me know how it goes!

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