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HI There! Thanks for stopping by. We are a professional basketball family in Europe. We have relocated, for the past ten years, depending on my husband’s basketball contracts. We have lived in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Under this section you can find – Me, Stacey the Athlete’s wife, here you will find silly things that only happen because I am married to a professional basketball player. Like How my Husband’s biggest fan delivered our baby. 

Benas Veikalas Basketball

Under Baskets Family you can find interesting things about our family, and under Adventures with Amber this is the newest surprise addition to our family, and things that happen with Amber.

Benas Veikalas basketball BasketsLife

Here are 2 questions I get a lot about playing basketball overseas. 🙂

  1. Does your husband get paid? Um Yes. He makes a living playing basketball.
  2. Is there basketball outside of America? Um yes, and very good basketball.

Benas Veikalas Baskets Life Basketball

If you are interested in learning more about basketball overseas here is some information, and videos of my husband playing in last few years in countries around Europe. He is number 6 – Veikalas.

Benas Veikalas Basketbal Basketslife


Here is his Wikipedia page, Benas Veikalas

Here are some You Tube Videos.

Thanks For reading! Stacey Veikalas