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Benas and Stacey Veikalas Baskets Life

Thank you for reading our blog! We are Benas and Stacey Veikalas. I was born in California, raised in Colorado, and am married to Benas, a Lithuanian.

We have lived in the USA, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Sounds off the chain; does it not?

I am a wife of a professional basketball player in Europe, meaning I lay around all day and eat bon bons, lunch with the girls, and drink copious amounts of wine  – while the maid cleans and cooks AHHH the life of a professional athlete’s wife  … doesn’t the word princess comes to mind?

Yeah Not really …


Our Family

We are the proud parents of 2 boys, Tony 20, & Vincas 17 … and a 4 year old daughter Amber. Tony is attending UNLV in Las Vegas Nevada, and is studying to become a Forensic Anthropologist.   Vincas is a Sr. in High School, and hoping to follow in his dad’s footsteps to play pro ball one day.

For a long time, everyone in the house was a male – I was surrounded by massive amounts of testosterone, that you could actually smell when you entered our house.  I was forever checking the fridge for something rotten; alas it was only man smell.   Everything was a competition, even using the toilet – first, last, stinkiest, or the longest ….no really… Gross.

Then our lives changed drastically with an unexpected new addition to our family …Oh and when I say unexpected … I really mean U N E X P E C T E D!  We had a beautiful daughter Amber.  Now the biggest competition is who Amber decides to grace with her attention – wether it be good or bad, she definitely rules the house.


What we write about:

We write all about Expat living in, and traveling around, the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, and Lithuania and now Las Vegas.  When we are not learning the language, cooking huge meals, dealing with daily life of living in a foreign country, and of course basketball games, we Travel!

We will tell you all about our favorite day trips, weekend excursions, and places to eat and drink all around the world.

Benas $ Stacey Veikalas Baskets Life BasketballHow did we get here ?

Well, many years ago, I met Benas, tall blonde and HOT; like you could wash your clothes on his stomach hot.  Oh and young.  HEY don’t judge – he was over 18. (ok barely)  He literally threw himself in front of my car to get my attention – I think it was the 500Sl convertible  he was after, but who am I to judge.

He convinced me to go out with him, after lying about his age – he told me he was 26.  On our first date, he told me that he would soon get a contract to play professional ball.  In his sexy European accent (think Arnold)  he would take me to Europe, to live a “Fabulous Basketball life!”

Blah Blah Blah right – he just wanted to get in my pants – he was cougar hunting!  But hey, who was I to crush his life long dreams of bagging an American cougar in a benz? I am many things, but a dream crusher, I am not ~ so I went with it!

Ok I had some hesitations, you know like,  selling everything I owned.  Closing up my very profitable mortgage company, and leaving behind everything that I knew. You can imagine what my friends and family said to me … I think the words CRAZY & DRUNK came up more than once … but off we went to live a crazy Baskets Life!

Where we are now?

18 years, and 50 countries later, I am still following him around world! We have lived in 7 different countries, and currently, we have just moved back to the USA and have sort of settled in both Denver, Colorado & in Las Vegas, Nevada!

So now you can follow our re-entry into the real world without basketball and how we acclimatize to life back home! Benas has gone head first into the world of Real Estate and is licensed to help people sell and buy homes in both Colorado and Nevada.  His business website is http://www.slamdunkhome.com/  I am licensed Nationwide in the USA to help people with mortgages, and run a branch for the Bank of England out of Las Vegas, NV. My website is here ->https://www.boenv.com/

So … This is our story of moving around the world and back, to be with the man I love, and the things we have learned along the way! Since our life revolves totally around basketball, I always call it…. Yep you got it  “Baskets Life”.  If anything we have learned can help you, inspire you, cause you to drink … or just entertain you, then my blog will be all worth while! Baskets Life Travel BasketballThank you for reading and Please enjoy our crazy Baskets Life! Benas & Stacey Veikalas

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  4. Hello there :) I just nominated you for the "Liebster Award"! I would be happy if you join! You can find your 11 questions on my blog: http://grapefruitprincess.blogspot.com/2014/04/i-thought-award-season-is-over-liebster.html xoxo Anni
  5. I can relate to your husband's philosophy of "less is more" (I even wrote an article about it here wp.me/p3MMo6-p). After I made the plunge into a minimalist lifestyle, one that was totally foreign to me, it became apparent to me that my life was so much better not having to carry around all that stuff, and all the stress that comes with all that stuff. Best of luck to the two of you and I look forward to reading more of your blog :)
  6. What an inspiring story! I'm so happy to meet you and looking forward to reading more! I sorta did something similar as you, fell in love with an egyptian man I met online and married him after 50 days of correspondence! Now we live in Egypt and I just started blogging about it - thanks very much for retweeting my tweet about my latest post on Egyptian Culture! ;^)
  7. Absolutely LOVE this incredibly original niche in travel blogging! You have such a unique, fresh traveling perspective as a pro-baller's wife. Congrats on the idea and all the best in your travels :) From a fellow blogger, Erin @ www.thecaffeinateddaytripper.com
  8. Great story Stacey, was wondering how you ended up in Europe. Envy the courage you had to make the move! Look forward to reading more about your travels and "crazy" on the go life. :-)
  9. What a great story!! :) I am SO happy you were able to escape all of that and come into the world of travel!! :) Best wishes for you and yours in your future travels! :) Ps, Great name!! Love it!