My Husband’s Biggest Fan Delivered Our Baby

As many of you know, in April of 2015, we had a baby! Her name is Amber! Well, here is the story of how she was born into this basketball adventure life and was literally caught by her dad’s biggest fan!

So, here it goes. First, we had to meet with the doctor at the hospital where we were going to have Amber (in Bonn, Germany.) In we went to this beautiful, lavish, and large office, and our soon-to-be doctor jumped up to shake to my husband’s hand… and shake it and shake it and shake it. He smiled from ear to ear, telling us what a huge fan he was, and kept shaking, and smiling, and shaking, and smiling some more. I almost hated to break the love trance, but I was nine months pregnant and bitchy so I stuck out my hand, pushed my gigantic belly between the bromance, and said, “Hi! I’m Stacey… you know, the pregnant one.”

He politely sat us down and tried to have some small talk, which morphed into last night’s game, to my husband’s last shot, how he was hoping for a win next week, and asking if we will make it to the playoffs. He was so excited to talk to Benas, so I was trying super hard to sit still and be nice. On and on the conversation went, as my husband’s head swelled so large I was worried it might POP. Finally, I had to give my husband, who needed a small reality check, a death stare that only a hormonal pregnant woman could (and a swift kick to his ankle bone.) My husband finally jolted back from the love bubble he was in and told the doctor he thought we should talk about his baby being born. It only took a half hour to get around to this convo, but who’s counting?!

The doctor wanted to schedule Amber’s birth around Benas so he wouldn’t miss any games, of course. Basically, the entire appointment was about how we could best accommodate my husband, which is pretty normal in my life. I tried super hard not to throw up in my mouth. The only saving grace was that he let us know that he was going on vacation and would not be there for the birth, but his top guy would be on it. I named our doctor “Dr. Vacation”, and it somehow made me feel better.

As we left, my husband was elated at how well WE were treated and strutted out the hospital like he was freakin’ Brad Pitt. I rolled my eyes wondering how he would ever get that giant head in our car.

Three weeks later, right on the scheduled birth date, between games, we arrived at the hospital. The birth got a bit hairy because our baby was a star gazer and not face down. Just as she was ready to make an appearance, in walks Dr. Vacation! The good doctor had come in just to catch the Veikalas baby. Seriously, buddy?! 

Dr. Vacation sat between my legs and out she came. As he starting stitching me up with a BIG metal hook, he looked up at Benas and said, “Hey, how about that buzzer beater last game?! Wow, you were amazing!”

Did he really just say that?!

I just pushed an eight-pound baby out of my body, but HE is amazing?! Benas just looked at him and mumbled something I could not understand; my husband was scared – I still had his arm wrapped up in a death grip.

Then, as Benas took a deep breath and gave me a please-don’t-be-mad smile, Dr. Vacation asks my husband for an autograph! I wanted to “accidentally” kick him in his face. I mean, he was right there and an easy target. No one would blame me, right? Benas hoped the moment would pass (without me losing my mind) and said, “Uh, for sure, but maybe later.” Dr. Vacation responded with a chuckle and casually said, “Oh, it’s not for me. The autograph is for my kids.”

As if asking for his kids, while sewing up my vagina, is somehow better than asking for himself! He handed Benas a piece of paper with his kids’ names on it, to ensure proper spelling for the autographs, before leaving the room. If I had a knife… well, I could not be held responsible for my actions at that moment.

With all of that being said, having fans comes with the territory of being a pro-athlete and we really do embrace it. We let many fans into our lives and share so much of ourselves on social media instead of keeping our lives completely private. Many fans have since become friends and people we love.

If I am being super honest – having a man in the delivery room as educated as Dr. Vacation was definitely a perk. It was nice to have someone with his experience in the room, especially since I was having some complications. It was also nice to know that we were being taken care of and given the best care possible… and I’m sure they treat everyone that way. Okay, I am totally lying right there.

We did, actually, get placed in “the best room” in the hospital. I can also tell you that the hospital we gave birth in was wonderful, and out of our three children, this was the best birthing experience yet. I mean, minus the autograph session. The care was amazing; even the food was good! The doctors were top notch, and all of our nurses were the bomb! Even the woman who delivered breakfast, and had trouble leaving the room, loitering in the corner, so she could ask for my husband’s autograph, was, umm, very nice, too.

If you are preggo in Bonn, Germany, you definitely want to give birth at St. Marien Hospital. After giving birth there, I would recommend it to anyone. And, if you are walking the halls, you will see baby Amber’s photo on the walls of the hospital and our famous Dr. Vacation still running the OBGYN department.

Oh, by the way – my husband did sign autographs for the whole family and we even dropped off a signed jersey. We are very grateful to our amazing OBGYN and his staff for helping us give birth to our amazing rainbow baby, Amber. So, there is the story of how my husband’s biggest fan delivered our baby!

Although I write on the funny side, I want to say “thank you” to all of you who are fans and have supported my husband and our family on our journey. So, if we write about an interaction with you, please don’t be hurt. It just means our encounter with you was a memorable one and we will forever have a wonderful story to tell.


– Stacey


  • Reply February 16, 2017

    Sumti Bhadani

    Great funny story. Loved the way you wrote and explained every moment. You must have felt very irritated on doctor :P
  • Reply February 14, 2017

    Chrysoula Manika

    Congratulations on your baby. Such a funny story I love how you write. Next time say I am a famous blogger do you want an autograph from me too?
  • Reply February 13, 2017


    Love this hilarious. This will certainly entertain Amber when she gets older :) At the end of the day, it sounds like you got the care you needed, which is what ultimately matters. Fun post to read.
  • What a fun story. I loved reading it! The baby is absolutely beautiful, well done. I hope all emphasis was on the bundle of joy after she arrived. ;)
  • Reply February 12, 2017

    Sam Sparrow

    What a hilarious birth story! At least you'll always have a fun story to tell your little one once they get older!!
  • Reply February 12, 2017


    You really got me chuckling, I loved this! Must have been annoying at the time but a great story to tell your little girl when she grows up
  • Reply February 11, 2017

    LeAnna Brown

    I had my babe in Germany as well and he was also breech! I love how they actually let you do it vaginally (although mine ended in C-section after 40 hours!!!) but I just loved the way the German medical system views pregnancy and labor (as a natural thing) not a medical emergency. If I could, I'd go back and have all my future kids in Germany!
  • Reply February 11, 2017

    Traveling Well For Less

    OMG! Okay, this was my first visit to your blog and now I'm won over. LOVED this. Love your wit and humor. I can not even imagine how surreal your delivery was. Kudos to you girl because I would not have been as patient with Dr. Vacation.
  • Reply February 11, 2017

    The Adventure Ahead

    Love this story - you had me giggling from start to finish. Oh the things we moms go through! Such a beautiful little bundle of joy :)
  • Reply February 11, 2017


    That's such a funny story! I'm sure it wasn't so funny being you at that moment, but you'll always remember Dr. Vacation. You're such a good wife for putting up with the big head. :)
  • Reply February 10, 2017

    Ana Ojha

    Wow! What a fun story! It would be perfect for the Christmas jokes!
  • Reply February 10, 2017


    LOL! I just pushed an eight-pound baby out of my body, but HE is amazing? --- hahahaha SO true, I would've punched this guy. Kudos on you for keeping it together, he does sound like a good doctor too - even though a little starstruck ;) Congrats on the new baby!
  • Reply February 10, 2017


    Haha this is such a hilarious story, like you said thanks to that doc you now have a story for a lifetime! Your kid is so adorable and glad all went well though. xx, Kusum |
  • Reply February 9, 2017


    "I just pushed an eight-pound baby out of my body, but HE is amazing?!" THIS. I personally would have found this doctor's behavior really unprofessional and probably would have told him so or reported it to the hospital. Glad you had more of a sense of humor than me though!
  • Reply February 9, 2017

    Stephanie A Bills

    OMG! This is such a crazy story!! I can't stop laughing!
  • Reply February 9, 2017


    Ha ha ha!!! That's a wonderful way your daughter came into this world!!! This is the best fan moment you doc could have had...
  • Reply February 9, 2017


    OMG this is an absolutely crazy story! Totally empathize with you on a lot of fronts. Looking forward to reading more :)
  • Reply February 9, 2017

    Blair Villanueva

    Wow I enjoyed reading your story and I couldn't help to laugh. A good story you could share to your Amber when she grow up. Congratulations!
  • Reply February 8, 2017


    Haha this is such a hilarious story! I can imagine it would be frustrating but you can't help but laugh at the situation :)
  • Reply February 8, 2017


    Hahahaha... God, you make this story looking so funny! I enjoy reading it and getting to know you better.
  • Reply February 8, 2017


    Stacey, thanks for this story I laughed really hard! :))) Having given birth to my wonderful daughter last November I can SO imagine how you must have felt. I certainly wouldn't have been up to such a doctor. I wouldn't just have thought about that kick, I would have gone for it. ;)
    • Reply February 8, 2017


      Thank you so much for reading I can laugh now too - Right see No one would have blamed me for kicking him LOL

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