Indulging in Coffee Like a Londoner

Indulging in Coffee Like a Londoner

Hey There, thanks for stopping by! You know I am a coffee addict, and am always looking for the best coffee whenever we travel.  In our visit to London, we really found some amazing coffee that I just had to share with you all so you could get your coffee on like a Londoner!

In the UK, around 70 million cups of coffee are consumed each day by both locals and tourists, as noted by the Independent. London is the country’s largest city with over 7 million people and it has the pubs, cafes, and coffee shops to please everyone’s palate.

The biggest concentration of cafés and coffee shops is in London, due to the population. The coffee culture in London, is so vibrant that coffee shops and restaurants have spread out all across the city like wildfire to cater to coffee drinkers, whether it be locals or tourists.

We’ve shown you before in a previous post on The Coolest Place to Drink Coffee in Germany  how you can drink coffee like a true German. However today we are sharing how to enjoy some coffee in an entirely different, but equally stunning place like London.

You can order a cup of coffee in one of the countless commercial cafe chains in London, but to truly enjoy coffee like a Londoner, make your way to the unique coffee spots which offer more than just your normal caffeine fix.

Here is some of the best coffee that London has to offer.

credit: Pinterest – Arnaud Mancina

Climpson and Sons

This coffee-house has been described by the Telegraph as ‘one of the true originals’ when it comes to London coffee, even though Climpson and Sons have only been brewing since 2005. In just over 10 years, their own roasts and blends have garnered an almost cult-like following, converting first-time visitors into regulars.  For a truly one of a kind experience, this place is not to miss on your coffee exploration.

Indulging in Coffee Like a Londoner

credit: London’s Best Coffee

Saint Espresso

For a dose of heavenly brewed caffeine, look no further than Saint Espresso. With quaint interiors and floor to ceiling windows, you can watch the city come to life in the morning whilst sipping your coffee – a truly awesome way to start the day.

Indulging in Coffee Like a Londoner

credit: But First, Coffee’s Twitter

But First, Coffee

But First, Coffee is an independent café that has a homey and warm ambience.  Even GQ Magazine is crazy about this joint, noticing that every guest receives a warm greeting from the couple who manages the shop. Their pastries, which are to die for, also keep the regulars coming back.

Indulging in Coffee Like a Londoner

credit: The Cafe Hunter

Notes Music Coffee

What’s better than enjoying your coffee with relaxing music playing on the café’s radio? It’s having your cup while listening to a live jazz session. The Standard mentioned that Notes Music Coffee even has a room for impromptu jam sessions behind their special brew bar, which serves their signature house roasted coffee.  So stop here for some delicious coffee, and get your jam on!

Indulging in Coffee Like a Londoner

credit: Cool Places

Look Mum No Hands

A spot for cyclists doubling as a café, Look Mum No Hands serves coffee sourced from the award-winning coffee roasting company, Square Mile. It’s the perfect place to have conversations in between bike rides, which is a popular form of short-distance transportation in the metro. Not only is the coffee amazing, it’s a great way to socialize an met other Londoners who also enjoy great coffee.

Tips for navigating London

If you want to embark on a coffee hunting adventure like a Londoner, the best method to navigate your way through the city is via the Underground Tube, as it’s cost-efficient and it has stops at various points throughout London.

Many Londoners take public buses, but bear in mind that you have to follow the set transport schedule and you may have to contend with London’s high volume of traffic especially during rush hour.


If you’re coming from overseas or a region outside of London, you can easily pick up a rental car after your flight has arrived. There are car rental desks in and near the airport terminals such as in Gatwick Airport, wherein you can reach either of its two terminals in under five minutes.

If you have a relative or friend based in the city, the airport also has meet and greet car parks, a great one is  Parking4Less. You can be picked up in their lots as soon as you clear arrivals.

To have more flexibility and freedom with your itinerary, an alternative is to rent a car. Getting a car can prove to be an excellent option if you’re planning on visiting cafés that are out of reach of some of the main roads or traditional tourist spots. You may create your own route as well to save time.

The boys and I indulging in an open top bus ride in London

Considering that many independent coffee shops are tucked away in hard to find locations, you may discover some other great spots to grab coffee by exploring lesser-known paths. If you do find some amazing local coffee shops that are not mentioned on our list, be sure to let us know by dropping a comment below.  We would love to hear about them!

Stacey ~


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  • Reply April 5, 2017


    I love a good and cozy cafe to enjoy a good book and coffee. Love this! Thanks for sharing
  • Reply March 8, 2017

    Jetsetter Jenn

    I certainly need some good coffee to keep up with the pace of Londoners! I've never seen people walk so fast in my life ;) These are great spots though, thanks for putting them on my radar. Would love to visit Climpson and Sons. Jetsetter Jenn recently posted...Havana in 48 Hours: A Guide to Cuba’s Capital CityMy Profile
  • I thought London is popular for Tea, never knew it has an amazing coffee scene too. Would love to try the coffee at But First, Coffee .. The name is so cool :) Swati & Sam (The tales of a traveler ) recently posted...Places To Visit In Nusa PenidaMy Profile
  • Oh London... one of my favorite cities! I've had some great coffee there but I'll definitely have to check out Climpson and Sons on my next visit. Also, Look Mum No Hands is such a great name ;) Lovely post, thanks for sharing! Carmen's Luxury Trvl (@carmensluxtrvl) recently posted...Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera – A Hidden Gem in Ronda, SpainMy Profile
  • Reply March 7, 2017

    Anita Hendrieka

    Sounds like some great spots to have a nice coffee. Will have to recommend this to my partner, he's an avid coffee drinker unfortunately not for me. I am more a hot chocolate girl ;) Anita Hendrieka recently posted...Pinterested in Growing – The Ultimate Pinterest Course for Bloggers and Small Business Owners!My Profile
  • What a great round-up! Love fining more local spots for coffee rather than chains. I'd love to visit Climpson and Sons as it's the best when coffee shops have their own blends.
  • Reply March 6, 2017


    I am more a tea person but I have always tried out the various versions of Coffee too. London seems to be home to several coffee versions. Hope I get to try them :) Indrani recently posted...Stay at Royal Tulip The Act Sharjah, UAE – a Hotel ReviewMy Profile
  • Reply March 6, 2017


    If I have to indulge in coffee, I would also look for a nice atmosphere. All your proposals look good but i think that Climpson and Sons is the one that suits me best. Elisa recently posted...The dirty side of Paris (Paris Sewer Museum)My Profile
  • Reply March 6, 2017

    Vicki Louise

    My partner would love all these little coffee shops! I don't drink any hot drinks, so he would have to test them all out whilst I took pictures of their funky interiors!
  • Reply March 6, 2017

    Sandy N Vyjay

    Being a coffee addict, I find peace and bliss in a cup of black coffee. And specially when the surroundings around me are pretty and serene, the coffee becomes all the more satisfying! I loved this article to the last word. Anytime is coffee time!
  • Reply March 5, 2017


    Awesome list! I may be going to London again this summer, so I'll have to keep this to refer to it. Do any of these places serve drinks other than coffee? Unfortunately drinking coffee never makes me feel well. Brianna recently posted...10 Things to Do in the Blue MountainsMy Profile
    • Reply March 6, 2017


      Hi Brianna, yes they serve many other things too! in the article you can click each link and check out their menus online!
  • Reply March 5, 2017

    Barbara Wagner

    This is a good list. I am a Londoner and I have visited a few of these places. Barbara Wagner recently posted...Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta Exhibit in LondonMy Profile
  • Reply March 5, 2017


    The coffe looks amazing as do the coffee shops. Climpson and sons looks epic. I'm a coffee addict myself.
  • Reply March 5, 2017


    I'm not big on coffee but I would love to check out some of these cafes. Your photos are awesome-- honestly some of the best London pics I've seen.
  • Reply March 4, 2017

    Debra Schroeder

    Love the Climpson and Sons building and their cool wood tables and chairs. First Coffee looks pretty cool as well. Will have to make a point to stop by the next time I'm in London.
  • Reply March 4, 2017


    We love coffee! Thanks for sharing this comprehensive guide, there looks to be some really cool cafes for us to check out next time we visit London!
  • Reply March 4, 2017


    I love loving cool cafes when I travel. So far my favourite places for cafes has been Penang. I actually live in London and used to always go past Look Mum No Hands on the bus to work thinking "I must go there one day, looks cool". Maybe I should finally get myself there! Claire recently posted...Checking out the Sex and The City TourMy Profile
  • Reply March 3, 2017


    I am not a coffee drinker, I keep trying it but still don't like it. I do love to go to little cute cafes and have a tea instead. These places look so great, I could certainly go hang out in a few of them and do some work from them.
  • Reply March 3, 2017


    Climpson & Sons looks so cute and classic that the photo alone warms my heart. whatdevondiscovered recently posted...Balinese KissMy Profile

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