The Love Lock Story


Being American, Valentine’s day was always about roses and chocolates; however, in Europe there are some fun traditions I like even better!

Like LOVE LOCKS! In Europe, there are bridges all over where couples hang padlocks. The padlocks are colorful and have the couple’s names engraved. The key is thrown into the river to symbolize their everlasting love! 

The practice started in Serbia at the Most Ljubavi Bridge, or the Bridge of Love, which is now named after the love padlocks! The story is traced back to pre-WWII when men were going off to war. A local schoolgirl named Nada, from Vrnjacka Banja, fell in love with Relja, a Serbian military officer. They used to secretly meet on the Ljubavi Bridge. They fell in love, and then he went off to war in Greece. While he was away he met another woman and broke off his engagement to Nada. She was devastated and eventually died of a broken heart.

Due to this heartbreaking story, all the girls from Vrnjacka Banja started carving their names, and the names of their loved ones, onto padlocks. Then, they would hang their padlocks on this exact bridge where Nada and Relja used to meet. This was to protect their own relationships! The padlock is hung to represent how strong their love is. Then, the key is thrown into the river so it can never be unlocked!

Iain_Mallory_06725These love lock bridges have also caused a lot of controversy because many of the love locks bridges have become too full of locks. Many of the local governments and railways have tried to cut them off and have them removed! In Cologne, Germany, at the Hohenzollern Bridge, the German train company, Dutsche Bahn, tried to have them all removed! The train company was actually worried that there were so many locks that the bridge was becoming too heavy! They were worried that the bridge could possibly collapse under the weight of the train and the locks; however, the people of Cologne went crazy in love and protested the removal of the locks. The train company ultimately gave in! The locks are still hanging, and the numbers are growing by the day!

One great way to include your kids is to have a family love lock made! Engrave all your names on a love lock and go hang it as a family! This is an awesome tradition and can be done in many countries around the world! Think what an amazing story your kids can share about how many love locks your family has around the world!

Have you hung your love lock?

To cologne-4find your nearest love lock bridge, here is a list of all the love lock locations around the world!

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– Stacey

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am so glad you did! It lead me here to one of the best blogs I have ever found! I love this! I love travel. Now, I really want to start a love locks bridge in my area. I visited the bridge over the Seine River in Paris and thought it was wonderful. I didn't realize there were so many places that have Lock Lock Bridges. Oh, this is so exciting!!!
    • Hi Betty thank you so much for stopping by ~ Oh yes the love lock bridges are super cool! You will have to let me know if you start one! They are all over the world and so much fun! Thank you again for stopping by ~ and I am fan of your blog as well! :)
  2. I didn't know the history of the love locks so thanks for sharing that. I like the idea of them but find that in some places it's kind of out of control and it's hard to see the original structure. I guess I'm fairly alone in my thinking though!!
    • No I think the governments in most places think this way most places that have them out of control have tried to remove them ~ but it turns into a huge controversy and then they stay ~ Some places I think are going to try and relocate them so they are not so out of control ~ :)
  3. I've never heard that origin story. My husband and I hung a love lock while we were in Paris. I wish I had read your suggestion of a Family Love Lock because then the kids could have gotten into the act, too. They would have enjoyed that. Penang, Malaysia where I am now has just introduced a love lock area on, appropriately, Valentine's Day.
  4. I have never put a lock anywhere, but I so want too. I am just never that organised. I had no idea that the idea started in Serbia, or why they began, thanks for sharing that and thanks for linking up with us to #SundayTraveler xox
  5. I love the idea of these locks - I'd never heard of what inspired them! Really, I don't know if I would want to do anything that follows in the tradition of a doomed couple - but it's a romantic idea.
  6. We have several sites in Munich, but I think the most I have seen has to be in Verona at "Romeo and Juliet's" balcony. I know for a fact that they come along and chop them off with bolt cutters once in a while though! :D
    • Yes I know there are some in Munich we have not been to the Romeo and Juliet Bridge We will have to check it out! I know many cities try to remove them due to the sheer volume of them! :) thank you for reading!
    • Hi ~ Oh so we are in Bonn just up the road from you! Yes we have the one in Cologne and it is covered I wonder too how many people are still together! Thank you for reading!
    • Hi ~ Oh so we are in Bonn just up the road from you! Yes we have the one in Cologne and it is covered I wonder too how many people are still together! Thank you for reading!
    • Hi ~ Oh so we are in Bonn just up the road from you! Yes we have the one in Cologne and it is covered I wonder too how many people are still together! Thank you for reading!
  7. Believe it or not I only first came across the idea of these love locks whilst watching Homeland! Now I see and hear about them everywhere and I'm from the UK. You've put a nice spin on the article and I like the idea of involving the family.