What Baby Formula Should I Buy in Germany?


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Actually, I hear this question a lot from expats and traveling moms in multiple forums! When people discover I have lived in Germany, they always ask, “What baby formula do you use?”

Let’s face it – traveling with a baby is hard enough; parents also don’t want the added stress about what to feed their baby when finally arriving at their destination. Knowing what formula to buy is imperative – both a stress reliever and instant comfort in knowing your baby is digesting a trusted product. Well, after living overseas for more than 10 years, and as the mother to our third baby, we have come to love all Aptamil products!

Our youngest child was born in Bonn, Germany, and started drinking formula right out of the womb. While I know breast is best, breastfeeding is not always possible for all mamas – some moms don’t produce enough milk, some babies do not latch on, and other mothers, like me, were counting down the days to have a big glass of wine. Okay, so reason number three is clearly a joke, but in all honesty, this was our third baby and I knew breastfeeding posed a challenge in feeding our children in the past.

Our first baby was lactose intolerant. He screamed and threw up for six months before I found him a formula that worked with his tummy. My second baby needed sensitive milk products for his tummy. He pooped, all of the time, with bowel movement details I will spare you, until I finally found him a formula that worked, too.

Well, by baby number three, I was seasoned and well-versed in finding formulas to work best for my children. My first rule for picking a baby formula for our youngest child was understanding options – if she was lactose intolerant, or had a sensitive tummy like her brothers, would the same product line have options for her, too? Well, when you have a screaming baby and a sleep-deprived mama, the last thing you want to do is spend hours reading about other baby formulas. You just want the answer!


More importantly, I needed to find a brand available to my daughter in Germany, and around the world, too, for when my husband’s career requires us to travel. As many of you know, our family could be up and moving to a new country, within a few short days, due to my husband’s basketball career. By the time our daughter was two months old, we were packing up our house and heading for Lithuania.

In August, we left for Italy for the next nine months. Again, a new country, and I was out searching for baby formula. Well, we found Aptamil, and I was so thankful because the hardest of part of moving to a new country, or even a new town, is trying to keep some things constant in our ever-changing lives.

fullsizerender-jpg-1-1For all of the moms out there – you may or may not know switching formula can cause havoc on your baby’s tummy, or, for those fussy eaters, it’s nice to get your baby to drink something when they are refusing to eat. Amber, our daughter, hates to eat… unless it’s Nutella, and most of that goes everywhere except in her mouth; otherwise, the only vitamins our child receives, for now, is from her formula.


fullsizerender-jpg-4-1The wide array of products covers the first three and a half years of Amber’s life, so, I really wanted to have something I could eventually pair with cereals and foods without having to find an entirely new product. Having a trusted formula gives this mama more time to do those important things like spending time with my kiddies, taking a shower, or shaving my legs. Okay, okay, maybe I don’t really shave my legs. It’s winter somewhere, right?!

After a few months in Germany, a summer in Lithuania, one year in Italy, a few months in Spain, and a visit to the USA, we are back in Germany for another season! Sadly, my little blonde dragon still only eats formula and cereal. Oh, and Nutella; she still eats Nutella and rubs it on her face like lotion. The joys of motherhood.

Our family is still on the go, all of the time, traveling quite a bit and all the while trying to get the rest of the family together in hopes I can enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine before bed. Come on, don’t we all do the happy dance when they actually go to sleep because we finally get a moment to ourselves? My absolute favorite thing about this baby formula is, even in Germany, it comes in pre-made, ready-to-drink bottles. This is fantastic when we are on the go!

So, there is my answer to your question of what baby formula you should buy in Germany – Aptamil Baby Formula would definitely be my pick! Don’t just take my word for it; check them out yourself!

Thank you for following our crazy Baskets Life. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below.


– Stacey

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