What to do if you have an Emergency in Germany


I think one of the scariest parts of living overseas, especially before you learn the language, is what to do if you have an emergency.

Here are some important numbers and information in case you get sick. The main numbers work all over Germany, the second list of hospitals are specific to, and around, Bonn, Germany. If we missed something, feel free to leave a comment below with your emergency advice.

Emergency in germany112 ambulance & fire – This number is similar to 911 in the States. It will deal with both fire and medical situations in emergency and non-emergency circumstances. This is your go-to number in all emergencies, and one of your kids should know this if they live/travel in Germany.

Police Emergency in Germany110 police & emergency  If you have an emergency that needs to involve the police, dial 110 from any phone, land line, or cell to contact the police.

The dispatchers at both numbers speak German and English and often speak the language of some of the neighboring countries. If you speak another language, they will help you via an interpreter. The 112 team can also locate your whereabouts within 70 seconds. Note – You must have a sim card in your phone in order to dial these numbers.

doctor emergency in germanyThere is an emergency doctor call center where you can call and speak directly to a doctor if you have a medical challenge. If you have private medical insurance, you have a 24-hour call line where you can speak to a doctor for advice. For private insurance, call (0228) 192 57 & (0228) 192 42. If you have public health insurance, doctors are available Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 19:00 – 08:00; Wednesday & Friday 13:00 – 08:00; Saturday, Sunday, & holidays, doctors are on call 24 hours. The number is (0180) 504 41 00.

apotheke pharmacy emergency in germanyPharmacies in Germany are easy to spot with the big red A and are called an Apotheke. Pharmacies are normally closed on evenings, early on Saturday, and all day Sunday; however, if you have an emergency, there is always an open pharmacy in the area.  All pharmacies will have a list posted of the nearby emergency pharmacies in the area. If you need help locating an emergency pharmacy, here is the number – (0228) 01189.

poison emergency germanyIf you need poison emergency, immediately call the Poison Control Center. This number will also help you if you have an allergic reaction and need medical attention. Poison emergency – (0228) 287 32 11.

dentist emergency germanyIf you have an emergency dental problem, call this number and they will help you find a dentist that is open and that can help in an emergency situation. This number has a message in German that will give you instructions. So, it’s best to have someone call who can speak German. Emergency dentists – (0228) 1 500.

EMT emergency germanyIf you need an ambulance or emergency medical transport, you can call 112, or the phone number set up for a private ambulance is (02242) 829 77.

vet emergency in germanyThe emergency veterinarian number is (0228) 979 897. Yes, there is an emergency vet number for your animals! If you need medical care for your animal after hours, you can call this number. You can also check with your local vet to see if they have an after-hours emergency contact.

List of local hospitals

University Hospital: Hospital emergency germany
Main Switchboard (0228) 287 0,
Emergency (0228) 287 12000
Address:  University Hospital Bonn
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
D-53127 Bonn

From the main switchboard, they can help route you to the correct department. This hospital has about everything you need from an emergency department to specialties for adults and children. My son had his tonsils removed here and we have nothing but good things to say about the doctors and the service. The emergency center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They also have a very informative website – University Hospital. The hospital also has a special department set up for poisonings and overdose; the number is (0228) 19240.

University Children’s Clinic – (0228) 287 3200. This is the children’s clinic and is part of the University Hospital, but in a different location. This is a pediatric hospital that does general pediatrics, diagnosis of disease, and surgeries.

St. Marien Hospital:
Robert Koch Street 1,
Venusberg, Bonn 53115
(0228) 5050

This hospital is very good if someone has a broken bone. This hospital also has a very nice gynecological and maternity ward.

St Johns (Johaniter) Hospital:
Johanniter Straßs 3, Bonn 53113
Phone number – (0228) 5430

Johaniter is located right next to Rheinaur Park and is a very nice hospital. I had two surgeries here and both went over without a hitch. They have a specialty department for orthopedic surgeries and restoration of damaged bones, tendons, and ligaments. This hospital also has a special department for joint replacement, both restorative and artificial, and general medicine practices.

Malteser Hospital:
Von-Hompesch Street 1
Bonn 53123
0228 64810

This hospital is located in Hardtberg and has a large array of departments. It has a wonderful obstetrician and gynecology department with the latest equipment and technology. It also has some specialty departments such as urology, trauma and orthopedics, reconstructive and plastic surgeries, a lung clinic, and a department for colon cancer. I have also had personal dealings with this hospital and was very happy with the service and the facility.

Here is a quick reference for phone numbers; print it out and hang it on your fridge or tape it next to the phone. We also carry this card in our wallets in case we are out and about.

emergency phone numbers germany

  • Ambulance 112
  • Fire 112
  • Police 110
  • Poisoning  (0228) 287 32 11
  • Doctor Call Center
  • Private Insurance (0228) 192 57 & (0228) 192 42
  • Public Insurance (0180) 504 41 00
  • Dental Emergencies (01805) 986 700
  • Private Ambulance (02242) 829 77
  • Emergency Veterinarian (0228) 979 897


– Stacey


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    Aca Baranton

    Vow! There is an emergency veterinarian number in Germany! This is super convenient for the newly arrived expats, who do not know whom to turn to if their pet develops a serious illness or get injured in the middle of the night. I wish all the countries learn this from Germany.
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    This is important to know for everyone in Germany!

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