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Currently, we are living in Bonn, Germany, and are always looking for new places to eat! What can I say? We are true foodies! We are starting a new series of posts, too! “The Best of Bonn and Rhine Valley” – where to eat, drink, and the must-see sights. This is our first post on one of my all-time favorite places to eat, drink, and be merry – Sträter’s!

Since we can’t possibly know all the great places in Rhine Valley, we would love if you would leave a comment below and tell us all about your favorite places to eat, drink and be merry in the Rhine Valley!

Strater's where to eat in the Rhine RIver Valley

Sträter’s, our featured-post restaurant, is owned by a wonderful German-Irish family, the Fagan family, who have been in Bonn, Germany, for more than 20 years. The Fagan family is no stranger to success or business in Bonn, having owned a successful grocery store and a mobile phone shop before opening the restaurant.

Strater's where to eat in the Rhine RIver Valley

Dot and her edible German flag for the world cup – GO GERMANY!

I remember having drinks with Dot a few years ago, and she was gushing about how she found a restaurant for sale in a tennis/hockey sports club in Bonn. She was so excited! Her family planned on selling the phone shop and making a bid on this restaurant. She spent countless hours planning menus and pricing food; I was really impressed with her passion. Her determination was inspiring, and she was bound  to get this restaurant! When she sent me a message that the deal was completed and the restaurant was theirs, I was ecstatic!

Strater's where to eat in the Rhine RIver Valley

Besides being one of the nicest families I know, the restaurant has really turned into a cool and hip place for locals, sports lovers, and expats. The family is fluent in German and English, and they always make you feel welcome with a warm “hello” at the door! You know, a place where everyone knows your name! Cheers!

Strater's where to eat in the Rhine Valley Germany

Steak and potatoes

The menu is a nice mix of fresh foods, steak, pastas, pizzas, and German schnitzel with homemade sauces. My husband and I have become somewhat of schnitzel snobs. We have had our fair share of schnitzel, and we know yummy schnitzel from a dry, pre-cooked, frozen one. We are ranking the schnitzel in this restaurant as one of top three we have ever had in Germany, and that is definitely saying something. The handmade sauces, or gravy as we call them in English, are out of this world! Your lunch or dinner will also come with a fantastic side salad and homemade dressing, plus some delicious red beets. Red beets are one of my husband’s favorite foods, so he was delighted and even tried to steal some off my salad. Everything is prepared by a trained chef, and you can really taste the love in the food.

Strater's where to eat in Bonn & the Rhine Valley Germany

Dot loves to bake

If you go in for lunch, you will most likely smell the remnants of fresh-baked breads, cakes, and pies. Dot gets up, every morning, and bakes for the restaurant. I spent a morning with her – watching her baking and prepping… Oh, the smells of fresh-baked bread! Yummyyyy! She was baking Irish soda bread and a special birthday cake for my husband’s birthday party! She also makes homemade, real New York style cheesecake. So, for any expats missing authentic NY cheesecake, this is your place to go. Get there early, or it might be sold out!

Sträter's cheesecake where to eat in the Rhine River Valley Bonn Germany

New York style cheesecake

There is a full bar with liquor, wine, beer, and great people. Sträter’s make a mean cup of coffee, which is worth the stop alone.

Sträter's where to eat in the Rhine River Valley Bonn Germany

Sträter’s has a beautiful patio overlooking multiple tennis courts and sports fields. There is also an outdoor fireplace and BBQ pit. The patio gets sunshine throughout the whole day. I don’t think there is anything better than this! Envision yourself hanging out in the sunshine, overlooking the tennis courts, with a beautiful view of Friesdorf while sipping your favorite beer or wine! Oh yeah!

Sträter's where to eat in the Rhine River Valley Bonn Germany

The patio! Oh la la!

You can rent this place for special occasions or just go hang out and watch your favorite sports on television.

Sträter's where to eat in the Rhine River Valley Bonn Germany

This year, all of my husband’s games are live on TV, so I will be hanging out here to watch his games!

Sträter's resturant where to eat in the Rhine River Valley Bonn Germany

They will cater to your food preferences for private parties

Stop by and visit for a bite or just a drink – you wont be sorry!

The customer service and friendly, laid-back atmosphere are worth their weight in gold.

Sträter's where to eat in the Rhine River Valley Bonn Germany

Address: Christian-Miesen Str 1, 53129 Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Phone: +49 0228 93390606

Facebook: Sträter’s

Menu: Click on the photos to see full-size photos

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Downloadable Sträter’s menu: Menu

They take reservations – just give them a call for lunch or dinner.

They will also make reservations for your special day or private party and cater food to your specifications.

The are open from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., daily.

Sträter’s is family friendly, kids are welcome, and even your four-legged friends have room to hang out!

The price point is inexpensive $$  – a full meal with potatoes and salad will cost you about €12.00.

Sträter's Where to eat and drink in Bonn GermanyFor all new customers, Straiter’s is offering a free cup of coffee to anyone who mentions they read about their restaurant on our site. Just print the attached coupon (only one per family) or download it to your phone, and stop by; you wont be disappointed. 

Downloadable coupon: Sträter’s

You also might get a glimpse of some of your favorite professional athletes there as well.  The Veikalas family gives this Benas Veikalasplace a 10!  Stay tuned for more of our “The Best of Bonn and Rhine Valley” coming soon. If you have a fantastic place you eat at in Rhine River Valley, leave us a comment. We would love to hear about it!

Please be advised this post is opinions of our own, and no compensation has been given for this post.

– Stacey

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