Where You Should Stay in Cinque Terre With Kids | A Guide to Family Hotels



Where You Should Stay in Cinque Terre With Kids | A guide to Family Hotels

Hey There… Want to know where you should to stay in Cinque Terre with kids. Trying to decide on where to stay always takes me hours and hours with every destination. As a family of 5, I am always worried, are there enough beds, do we have an adequate kitchen.  Is it easy to get to all the sights we want to see! is there It’s a bit draining, so I thought I would put a nice guide together, for my readers, on where you should stay in Cinque Terre!

Where You Should Stay in Cinque Terre With Kids

Let’s talk logistics first – You cannot drive the five villages in Cinque Terre, as a tourist. You can drive to the edges of either side and park your car. Everything inside the villages is reached by foot, train, or ferry.

How to get to Cinque Terre?

Parking is really difficult in the area. You either need parking within your hotel, or your best bet is to park at the La Spezia Train Station. There is a parking garage with long and short-term parking for 18€ per day or 8€ for a half day. This is some of the best pricing you will find, and you don’t have to drive that road into Cinque Terre or find parking (which is close to impossible.) The trains run all day and it is only a seven-minute train ride to Riomaggiore and 22 minutes to Monterosso. You can even book your parking spot online here. To check the train schedules to Cinque Terre, you can go to TrenItalia and put in La Spezia Central for your starting point. The translation button is in the upper right corner.

Now you have decided to visit, so you need a hotel… well, here are my top picks for where to stay in Cinque Terre.


Where you should stay Cinque Terre with kids

Where You Should Stay in Cinque Terre with kids


Banchi Hotel: This hotel is in the center of town, an easy walk to everything, and an easy walk back because it’s right in the historical center… and five minutes to the train, parking included with price but with lots of steps (steep and small); good for a couple, family with one child, or anyone who wants to be in the center of the action. A baby cot is available at no charge.

Rooms come with a cute, small table and a coffee maker with the fixings, and you can look out on to the main walking road. There is a great little outdoor patio on the roof if you want to have a takeout lunch or dinner.  The owner is very nice and even helped us carry our things from the parking spot to the hotel, WHICH IS A HIKE, so pack light! You can also pull your car up and load your luggage before taking it to the hotel’s designated parking spots, but you have a super steep set of stairs to climb to and from the apartment. –>see prices here<–

Where you should Stay Cinque Terre with kids

Donadelmar Apartment: New, super clean, and one of the largest places to stay in Riomaggiore. This hotel gets my vote for where you should stay in Cinque Terre with kids, hands down. It sits in the new section of town up on the hill. Going down to the train station for exploring is easy; coming back, well, get ready for an uphill workout. Of course, almost anywhere you stay in Cinque Terre, you will have a hill or stairs… so be prepared. There are lots of steps to and from the property as well. This property also has no parking, but it does have a free shuttle to and from the apartment – the owners will pick you up at the train station and it is included in your reservation price. This is a full apartment with everything you need including a kitchen and a washer. It is a little bit away from the crowds and the noise; a great place for families who need some room and a kitchen. This is my place for where you stay with kids or larger families who need a family-friendly apartment, just like home.

–>You can compare prices by clicking here <–

Where you should Stay Cinque Terre with kids


This is the most remote and hardest to get to out of all the Cinque Terre villages. There is no ferry access, only access by train, and parking and driving is only allowed by residents or for loading and unloading for 30 minutes or with your hotel. Don’t stay in this village unless you want a 20 minute walk up or down to the train station every time you leave and return. Although this is one of my fave villages in Cinque Terre, dragging my kids up 300 stairs after walking all day is like sticking a rusty knife in my throat! If you don’t have kids, strollers and diaper bags, and looking for authentic this is your spot. So this does not win my award of where you should stay in Cinque Terre with kids.


If you choose to stay in Corniglia, my choice of where you should stay is the L’Agave Cinque Terre Apartments; they are spacious and beautiful with enough room for the whole family. The units are equipped with kitchens and you have a great view. This hotel also has private parking, which is a good trade-off for walking those stairs! –>You can compare prices here <–

Where you should Stay in Cinque Terre with kids


Luxury Seaview Apartments Manarola: Umm, an apartment with a sea view… need I say more? This is another great place you should stay in Cinque Terre. It’s a gorgeous property, also great for families, as they are equipped with a seating/lounge area, and a kitchen, with space for everyone.

They have one and two bedroom apartments. Some apartments have views and terraces – get you one if they are available. Beds are comfy, and kids stay for free, but there is no room for extra beds; sleeps three (or two adults and two young kids). A huge plus for this place is that they offer parking, and you reserve it at an extra charge for 17€ per day. This place is a great find and super close to some great eats in Manarola, here is our list of great places to eat in Cinque Terre ! –>Check out the price here <

Where you should Stay in Cinque Terre with kids


Appartamento Margherita: This is right on the harbor in Vernazza which makes it super easy to get around. Vernazza is a great area to stay while in Cinque Terre. This property has a lot of character and the views are fantastic. The apartment is big and can sleep up to seven people; kids are also welcome in existing beds. The apartment is equipped with a kitchen, including a microwave, and is stocked with everything you need. The best part about this hotel is the location, the view, and it has an outdoor terrace.

There is no parking, so keep that in mind, and this property only takes cash on arrival. There is also no breakfast included and no Wi-Fi available at all. They also ask for a 200€ security deposit which is a bummer, but if you need a place that sleeps seven your options are limited. This is best for a big party who needs the space. If you don’t need a place this big, check out our other options – Compare Options Here


Where you should Stay in Cinque Terre with kids

Zia Letizia Bed and Wine Bed and wine. Need I say more? Bed and wine! Okay, I do need to say a little bit more. My top pick on where to stay in Cinque Terre, would have to go to Letizia. The owners are local from Monterosso. They also own a restaurant and shop not far from the hotel. There is a rooftop terrace with a view that is to die for. Breakfast is included, and the owners will pick you up from the train/and or airport for a charge – just ask them if you need transportation. This place is the bomb! You can’t go wrong here. Beds are comfy, and the place is crisp and clean; you won’t want to leave!

For a couple, this would be my #1 recommendation! Sexy and relaxing in the heart of the Cinque Terre Action! –>See this hotel here <–


Where you should Stay in Cinque Terre with kids

A Ca Da Vaniglia: The best thing about this hotel is location, location, location! It is right in the center of Monterosso! You can walk anywhere within minutes. Breakfast is included, but not amazing. For a great place to eat, check out my post on where to eat and drink in Cinque Terre. 

You will also find that this apartment is a little bit bigger than many in Cinque Terre; it is actually a cute little house. So, if you have a family  this would be my second choice for where to stay in Cinque Terre with kids. If traveling with a large family, and need a little bit of room, this is a good choice for you. The apartment comes with a kitchenette; for those with families, this is a nice option. There is no on-site parking so ask about the shuttle from the airport or train station. Kids are welcome and are free under six years old. The owners also have a super cute wine bar for great, local wine tasting, and the hotel is owned by locals, Mario and Vale, who will do anything to help you during your stay! 

–>Compare all the property prices here<–


What else can I help you with in Cinque Terre?

Don’t Miss our Article on What to Eat and Drink in Cinque Terre Here.

Do you need Flight?

You can fly into multiple places including Rome, Milan or Florence, and from there drive or take the train. The closest airports to Cinque Terre, are Genoa or Pisa, and the largest airport is Milano.  Check JetRadar to –>compare all your flight options here <–from around the world, or within Italy.


Do you need to rent a Car, to get to Cinque Terre? 

A rental car is always a great option for seeing the most of your destination.  Check here to compare all rentals companies here. 


Looking for day trips or tours in the area?

Check out Viator for our best options on tours, day trips and not to miss things to do and see in Cinque Terre. Our recommendations are, Evening Sunset Tour, with a light dinner and open bar, or The Cinque Terre Tasting Tour with local food and wine tasting.

–>Compare all tours here<–



Want to learn a little Italian before you go? A great option that we use is Pimsleur Language Programs.  We have lived in 7 countries, and Pimsleur is our go to when Learning a new language quick! They are currently offering a free lesson to all of our readers, so click on the image below to start learning some Italian.

Pimsleur All Languages

Have you been to Cinque Terre? Where did you stay in Cinque Terre? I would love to hear about your recommendations! I hope you enjoyed our information on where you should stay in Cinque Terre with kids.


– Stacey


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  2. What a great resource! I'll be sure to circle back when my end of year European trip is upon me. I hadn't given a lot of thought to Cinque Terre yet. Looks like I should rethink that!
  3. This is one of my favorite regions in Italy. We actually stayed in La Spezia and did the Cinque Terre as a day trip - walked one way and then caught the train coming back. But would love to head back and stay in one of the 5 villages to spend more time :)
  4. It was a day trip for me to Cinque Terre. The stay options all sound so good. I wish I made the decision to stay there rather than just halt for a couple of hours. Great pics.
  5. Cinque Terre is 100% on my photographic wish list. Great post on where to stay in these charming series of villages. I'm wondering are there any budget options in the area?
    • Hi Mike, It is a beautiful place. There is a hostel in Manarola its is called Ostello 5 This is one of the cheapest options if you want to stay IN Cinque Terre. I cannot really tell you much about the place I have never been there but check it out. Another option would be to stay in La Spezia and take the train in daily to Cinque Terre and you will pay half the price ! :)