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Well We have done it again – Yes, that is right we have relocated AGAIN! This is move number 7!

If you are just finding my Blog, we have lived in 7 Countries, and traveled to over 50. This is all due to my husband’s professional basketball Career. The European Season runs from September – May, much like the NBA system.  We afford our travels, and amazing life, due to his 10yr+ successful basketball career.

We have lived/played in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Spain.  While Benas is playing the boys go to the School, and stay involved in many activities.   We travel and explore in and around our location and surrounding countries on weekends, and school holidays. We try very hard to find local experiences and make the trips memorable .. and to hopefully learn something along the way.

The boys also used to both play basketball like their dad! I normally see 3-5 basketball games weekly, between their schedules.  They were both on traveling teams, so that also gives us more time travel and explore.  I am a stay at home mom, travel planner, Blogger, and a taxi driver for all my guys!

Once Benas’ Basketball season is over, and the kids are finished with school; we hit the road and travel.

For those of you asking about our new little surprise package … Amber Saule was born on April 8, 2015 in Bonn, Germany and is doing wonderful…growing, and watching a lot of basketball.

Thank you for reading. To see all the countries, cities, and locations we have traveled, please look at our Where we have been Page!

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  1. What a fascinating blog. I had the pleasure of spending the month traveling Lithuania for EuroBasket 2011. The hospitality of the people is something I'll always cherish and have raved about since. Not surprisingly Lietuva are my favorite International team. My unforgettable time there made me start my own basketball-related travel blog so finding you has been kinda neat. Definitely looking to see "where the ball takes" you and your family. Best of luck too for your Husband's career, hopefully one day I get to see him play live.