Wine Tasting in Montepulciano, Italy- A Wine Lover’s Dream

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Hey There! Ohh! Montepulciano, Italy and wine tasting – does life get any better than that? I think not!


I love wine, all kinds of wine, but some of my favorite wines come from Montepulciano, Italy. My husband had asked, “Where do you want to go for your birthday weekend?” To which I replied, “To drink some wine, of course!” So, off we went to Montepulciano, Italy.

The Town of Montepulciano

This little town in Tuscany is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Seriously, it’s like you stepped back in time. Best part is that there was wine everywhere!

We wandered the quaint streets of the old town, stopping for glasses of wine as we went. You will find wineries, tasting studios, and wine bars in every nook and cranny of this amazing destination.

We had a wine tasting scheduled at one of the most famous wineries in Montepulciano – The Gattavecchi Winery.

The Wine Cellar

The Gattavecchi family themselves were waiting to show us around the cellars. The winery dates back three generations, and in 1944 it was bombed (and almost lost due to the war); however, the family rebuilt the winery, and today it is a very prestigious name in wine-making circles all over Italy. The cellars are the original cellars started by great-grandfather Gattavecchi. We took a few minutes to walk down into the cellars and bask in the glory of the giant barrels of aging wine.

Wine tasting in Montepulciano Italy

You know I wanted to put a straw in one of them, but I think that would have been frowned upon. The Gattavecchi wine is aged at least two years before it is released, and they have a multitude of wines you can choose from. They have won awards around the world, for amazing wine ,so that is good enough for me to want to have some!

So, how do you know what wines to buy? You taste them, of course!

Wine Tasting in Montepulciano

After touring the cellars, we sat down to a nice antipasto plate and waited for the main course – the wine. We had been promised a flight of three amazing red wines along with a food paring. I was so excited! I mean, come on! What is cooler than tasting your favorite wines from the actual winery in Italy?!

Wine tasting in Montepulciano Italy

Our first wine tasting came – Rosso di Montepulciano DOC. This is produced with 90% of the Sangiovese grape, which is local to the area. This wine has a berry flavor and is deep red in color. It’s good if you are having a bold meal with a lot of flavors. Due to its strong flavor, it wont get lost when paired with foods. There is nothing worse than losing your wine in your food, am I right?

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG came next on the wine-tasting list, and this wine is also 90% Sangiovese grapes; however, instead of berry flavors, you will taste more of a plum flavor. It is a dry wine and has a very strong flavor. This is great to pair with steak or cheese plates.

Wine tasting in Montepulciano Italy

Wine Tip: If you fall in love with this wine, make sure you open this bottle and let it sit for about two hours before drinking it. I know, I know – how do you look at an open bottle of wine for two hours and not drink it? Ummmm, I’m not sure about this answer. I will need to further research this question for you. I’m sure some people do it. I just don’t know any of them personally.

Wine tasting in Montepulciano Italy

Our third tasting was Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG Riserva. This wine is 100% Sangiovese grapes, rich, and almost has a spicy-like flavor. It is also a dry wine but with a lot of flavor. You feel like a party is happening in your mouth! This is also great to pair with meats and strong cheeses.

Again, you need to let this one breathe for a few hours. If you just can’t wait, because you are a wino like me, then at least decant it!

Adventures with Amber

Most importantly, Amber had found something to keep busy with while I was guzzling wine as quickly as I could! Nothing like a string of corks to entertain a one year old!

The Athlete’s Wife in Montepulciano

The staff had recognized my husband, the famous athlete“, and our conversation had now shifted to basketball and lots of oooh’s and ahhhh’s. Um, hello! WHO CARES! It’s my birthday! Geez, people!

As you can imagine, I was actually really ready to go at that point. My wine was gone, and the conversation was no longer between my husband and I – it was between my husband and everyone else in the cantina (mostly about how freakin’ amazing he is.) He gave me the “don’t be a hater” smile, and I tried not to slap him. On and on it went. Soon, my head was laying on the table with bread stuck to my forehead; it wasn’t pretty.

Suddenly, more wine appeared at the table! Wait, WHAT?! You want to talk basketball and bring me more wine?! I’m all in! Talk away, talk as long as you want, as long as the wine keeps-a-comin! So, the questions about my amazing husband kept firing away, autographs were signed, and photos were taken. I even broke out a pen so he could sign a few more autographs. I didn’t care because my wine tasting turned into wine drinking! All was good in the world again.

Wine tasting in Montepulciano Italy

We actually tasted every wine produced under the Gattavecchi name that afternoon. Can I say HEAVEN again, or is it too much? I even stole my husband’s wine because he was too busy being amazing to drink it. I have to say, things became a bit blurry. When we got to the white wine, well, it could have been Boone’s Farm for all I cared. Happy freakin’ birthday to me!

Could my day get any better than this? No, I think not! Oh, wait – yes it can! We could buy some wine to take home! Mr. Amazing, my husband, could break out his credit card cause it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday! We bought my favorites which were the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG and Vernaccia Di San Gimignano DOCG along with Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG. 

At the end of the day, hugs were given and cheeks were kissed all around. One or two more photos were taken for the Gattavecchi Facebook page, a final autograph was signed, and off we went, waving as we left my wine heaven birthday party!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

The 411 on Tasting in Montepulciano

If you want to do a wine tasting at the Gattavecchi Cellar, you can contact them via email at They have three different options for wine flights and wine paring. You can also customize your wine tasting and order products on their website.

Where to Stay in Montepuliciano

We stayed at La Terrazza di Montepulciano, booked through Booking.comFantastic stay! The hotel has parking which is a must while there. Everything is within walking distance from the hotel, too. Roberto is the owner and his family lives on site.  They serve an amazing homemade breakfast with juice and coffee.

Have you been to Montepulciano? What is your favorite wine from the area? Drop a comment below! I would love to hear from you! If you enjoyed our article, please sign up to subscribe to our blog and you will receive an email every time I publish a new story.

Thank you for reading!


– Stacey



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  • Reply March 24, 2018


    Hey,If you read the wine history Italy are top of the and Grand father told me that Italy's introduced the wine. I also saw the Cantina Kaltern city this is small but beautiful city.600 to 700 wineries are cultivate here. According to my instructions 70% wine produced here. There are lot of varieties are of wine exciting here which to be proof of the spirit of the times and the innovative ideas and quality management of the winegrowers :)
  • Reply February 23, 2017

    Siddhartha Joshi

    Love the post! Wine tasting is great anywhere, but I think it's truly special in Italy :)
  • Reply February 23, 2017

    Aireona- Nightborn Travel

    Beautiful location, but your family is adorable as well. Looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.
  • Reply February 22, 2017


    Montepulciano is one of my husband's favorite wines! I bet he would like to go with me here!
  • Reply February 22, 2017

    Karla Ramos

    I really enjoy wine tasting. The decor of this place is really interesting too. It does sound like a haven for wine lovers.
  • Reply February 21, 2017


    This post has had me in fits on giggles- I think I've finally found someone who loves wine as much as I do! I'm glad it kept you entertained whilst the basketball chat was going on. If I'm ever in Tuscany I'll be sure to check this place out!
  • Reply February 21, 2017

    Girl @

    Ooh, wine tasting in Tuscany! Would love to travel there one day, and to top it off with wine - magnifico!! :)
  • I so want to go on a wine tasting trip in Italy, it sounds so lovely! Montepulciano is so pretty too!
  • Reply February 21, 2017

    Shelby Bromley

    What an adventure! Even the baby seemed to have a great time.
  • Reply February 21, 2017

    Rhonda Albom

    I would love to go wine tasting in Italy but I'm a bit far away. This winery looks very classy and old world which is different from the wineries near me.
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    Chava Mazal

    Wine tasting in Italy?! Does not get any better, indeed! Sounds like an amazing experience.
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    Criselle Anne

    I only tried wine a couple of times. They said the older it is, the taste becomes better. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I wanted to try a wine testing someday, it'll be a nice experience.
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    You just wrote on my favorite vacation. Tuscany and great wine, what could be better than that? :) Really, it looks like you had a wonderful time there. Nancy recently posted...Mont Saint Michel Medieval FantasyMy Profile
  • Learned a lot about Montepulciano from this post, I had never heard of it before. I would LOVE to do a wine tasting in Italy! How fun. Love the labels of the wine, too, which is unfortunately how I chose the wines I like for the most part. ;) I love that your daughter found something to occupy her interests, too. ;) Cute.
  • Reply February 20, 2017

    Stephanie Bills

    This looks like a dream come true!! as a lover of italy and wine, this would be a dream location!! My next trip to Tuscany, I will definitely have to check this location out.
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    I am totally jealous! Wine tasting and in Itlay. WOW wish it was me; your pics are great too
  • I love going wine tasting! It's always so much fun and this place looks great. Glad you had a good time.
  • Reply February 20, 2017


    My favorite activity (wine tasting). I think Italy has the best wine. I did this about 2 years and I took my 18 year god-daughter. Great memories for you and your family.
  • Reply February 20, 2017

    Blair Villanueva

    Hello dear! Wow this is the kind of wine-tasting experience I want. Travelling to Europe just to wine taste is something that is my dream! Hahaha cute kid you have :)
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    I love wine and wineries! They are the perfect way to spend a day. Sounds like you had a great birthday here and I'm sure I would too. Looks wonderful!
  • Reply February 19, 2017


    Classic! Your head on the table with bread stuck to it. Must be interesting travelling with someone who is well recognised. I'd definitely just drink more wine. I absolutely love Tuscany, but haven't been to this little wonder town. We went underground to the caves in Epernay, France, so I know how great it feels to be in something like this. Noting this for future trips to Italy, should we return to the Tuscan hills. Great experience.
  • Reply February 19, 2017


    Congrats for having a husband that treats you so well for your birthday! ;-) My favourite Italian wines are from Piemonte (closer to your current home btw) but if I end up in the area I won't hesitate to follow your steps taste some of these wines . . Elisa recently posted...Best Hostels in ParisMy Profile
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    Ha, ha ... What a funny post! You made me laugh. like your humour! "... Soon, my head was laying on the table with bread stuck to my forehead .... my wine tasting turned into wine drinking .... I even stole my husband’s wine because he was too busy being amazing to drink it...' :-) Happy Birthday! I wish you many laughs and good wine tastings! Cheers!
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    What an incredible experience. Love all the photos!
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    looks like so much fun. i haven't been wine tasting in what seems like forever.
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    Although I don't drink wine but a wine tasting tour has always fascinated me. With the green fields and the cellars where the wine is processed - I want to see and experience it. Do you think it will still be worth without really tasting wine
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      For sure it will be worth it just to see some of the towns and the wineries itself - :)
  • Reply February 19, 2017

    Sam Sparrow

    Some of my favourite wines come from Montepulciano too - especial d'Abruzzo! Italy and wine is a match made in heaven so this guide is perfect for me. Sam Sparrow recently posted...Brussels in one day – a guide to getting the most out of the cityMy Profile
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    You have an awesome and wonderful husband to whisk you away to beautiful Italy for your birthday ~ how fun would that be taking in the landscape of Tuscany and enjoying all that delicious wine along the way!
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    This is so cool and a bucketlist item for sure. For years I have been trying to get my husband to go wine tasting with me in Italy. I have toured Italy extensively myself but would love to return to the rolling vineyards in several areas and just enjoy tasting them there.
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    Great post, love all the cute pictures of the town and the winery. Heading to Toscana in May, so really looking forward to some local wines!
  • Reply February 19, 2017

    Akashdeep Singh

    You lived my dream man!! Its such an experience
  • Reply February 19, 2017


    beautiful pictures! the food looks so delicious! I love wine tasting and it's even better when you taste it in places like these!
  • Reply February 19, 2017

    Stella the Travelerette

    That sounds like an amazing experience! I can't believe you got to try all their wines! But I can believe that things got a little blurry at the end. What a great birthday! Stella the Travelerette recently posted...A Perfect Travel Itinerary for Chichen ItzaMy Profile
  • Reply February 19, 2017


    That is definitely my kind of birthday. I am all about the wine tasting. We were going to go to the Montepulciano area last year, but stayed up in Chianti instead. It's been on my short list ever since. Where did you stay?
  • Reply February 19, 2017


    Lovely story about wine tasting in town of Montepulciano which I have never heard before. Actually, I would not call myself a wine lover but drink it occasionally. My favorite wine is semi-sweet.
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    Oh wow this is amazing! I just got back from Italy yesterday. Did a wine tasting tour in the Chianti region and loved it.. Xx
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    Sounds like a great birthday weekend to me! I'd love to be able to visit Italy and especially get to taste the amazing wine.
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    Marlene Marques

    Never been to Italy yet, but I do love wine, so I guess I'll be in paradise. ;) Thanks for sharing your experience and all the tips.
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    Buddy The Traveling Monkey

    What an awesome way to spend your birthday weekend! I would have been a little frustrated too with the basketball talk on your special day, but they must have sensed that and that's why they brought you all the extra wine haha!
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    Sam Wander Off

    Lovely stuff! I'm road tripping around the area (from Florence to Rome) in a few months, any other must visits?
  • Reply February 18, 2017

    Fiona Maclean

    I do love Tuscany - I haven't been to Montepulciano, though I have been to Abruzzo where they make the 'other' Montepulciano (Montepulciano d'Abruzzo). It's not as nice as the Tuscan sort in my opinion, but still interesting.
  • Reply February 18, 2017


    Montepulciano is amazing! It was one of our favorite destinations in Tuscany. We spent several days in that picturesque place. We also did some great wine tasting. It was served with some delicious parma ham as well :)
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    Kate the Great

    omg! Wine tasting that's happening in Italy sounds like dream! Def must do!
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    Sounds like a brilliant birthday celebration! And I don't blame you for stealing your husband's wine ;-) Lovely that the wine maker family showed you around
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    Sign me up for this one :) the wine tours. Wish I could own a cellar like that one in the post.
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    Sarah | I Heart Frugal

    Wow! Would love to wine taste in Italy! I went to Italy about five years ago, but I was pregnant so I didn't do much wine tasting! When I go back one day, I'll remember your tips!! Happy birthday!
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    Chloe Gibson

    I would love to go wine tasting or vidit a winery. This little town sounds like a gem, not very touristy, or am I wrong? That's a shame about people talking away to your husband, but at least you got to drink a lottt of wine! Hope you had a great birthday!
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    Wow! what an amazing experience it will be - Wine & Italy. I love both of them. I can well imagine your condition when the whole attention will be on your husband on your birthday.
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    Kat @anaussieinsf

    The salami and the bread and the wine is making me so jealous right now. I may cry ;)
  • Reply February 17, 2017

    Magda | follow the view

    Wow, we must try this! To be honest the only big wine tasting we had only in Santorini and Napa Valley...
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    Renee Franklin

    I've never been much of a drinker and have only tried a few cheap wines that didn't agree with me. I would to try something that is made better. I guess one day I will have to take a trip to Italy.
  • Reply February 17, 2017


    I'm not a wine drinker, but it sounds like you had a great time! It's awesome that you were able to get more, just by letting your husband schmooze! I'd say that's a win-win :P
  • Reply February 17, 2017


    We were in Tuscany last October and had a similar experience near San Gimignano. An eye-opener, truly. And what a gorgeous region it is, right?
  • Reply February 17, 2017


    This looks gorgeous! Beautiful surroundings and beautiful wine!
  • Reply February 17, 2017


    That is perfect letting your husband do all the talking and interacting, while you can just keep drinking that delicious wine. I suddenly got a craving for some wine now. Too bad I am at work, but almost done. Then I will have a glass, or even a bottle, of wine. Great post and happy birthday!
    • Reply February 17, 2017


      Thank you for reading! Well its 5Pm where I am right Now so I will have a glass of wine for you! :)
      • Reply February 18, 2017


        Love you my friend :)
  • Reply February 17, 2017


    you had me at WINE! I too went to the Italian wine region of Chianti instead. So funny they recognized your husband and you got a little jealous! I am 10000% like that too when people don't give me ALLLLL the attention on my birthday haha. At least you got some more wine out of it! I would love to do an entire Italian road trip and hit up every single winery!
    • Reply February 17, 2017


      Me too Stopping at every winery in Italy would be like an amazing dream!! RIGHT! Thank you for reading!

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